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A Patch of Cotton

A Patch of Cotton


Maggie Roberts grew up in a small town nestled along the St. Francis River in the flat farmland of Arkansas.  She had a big dream of a different life.  When she was seventeen, she performed in a piano competition at Carnegie Hall and began to believe her talent and hard work could make her dream come true.  But Jake Martin had moved to town and stolen part of her heart.  He was like no other guy she'd ever known.  Jake loved God.  And Jake couldn't understand Maggie's desire to chase after a career in New York City.


A long journey ensues as Maggie tries to find her dream in big city life while Jake continues to follow God.  Maggie finds success, fame and fortune, but peace and joy elude her.  Jake loves his farm life, but without Maggie to share it, he begins to pray that God would take away his love for her.

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