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Here for the Winter

Here for the Winter


Her life changed forever when her husband died in a car accident. Callie Carlson had a son and daughter who needed her, so she grieved privately. Over the past four years questions haunted her as she struggled with the knowledge that her marriage had been on shaky ground. She poured her energies into her children, and the history classes she taught at the local school--never taking time for herself.


But now...another change in her life was so drastic that she sought refuge at the beach for the winter. Her children were gone from her everyday life. She couldn't bear the thought of the emptiness of the family home with her son recently married and her daughter going away to college.


So she escaped.


Never in her wildest imagination could she have envisioned the answers she would discover at the beach--the place she loved. Callie believed that spending the winter there would help her decide what to do with the rest of her life. But her new relationships that she thought were gifts from God led her to evidence that she didn't want to believe.


Callie's story is about forgiveness.


Forgiving is hard to do, but necessary to move forward. Would Callie be able to forgive and live the new life that seemed to be deeply entangled in her previous one?

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